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Seo Services in Chicago

Seo Services in Chicago

Search Engine Optimization Basics

Introductory guide to dominating SEO Services in Chicago Search Results

When it comes to Chicago, the wind isn’t the only thing local businesses have to contend with. Competition in this city is fierce, both online and off.

As a business owner or company looking to target a Chicago based audience, no rock must go unturned. And when it comes to digital marketing, SEO still represents one of the most advantageous opportunities to level the playing field against larger competitors.

What exactly is SEO?

If you’re feeling a little confused as to what “SEO” actually is and the impact it can have on your Chicago based business, then you’re not alone. Rizk AD is a leader in SEO Services Chicago.

In today’s technologically driven era, it’s a literal alphabet soup of acronyms out there, from SEO, to SEM, PPC, SMM, and everything in-between. But forget about all of that for a moment…let’s keep on track.

SEO, or search engine optimization, espcially SEO Services Chicago is the art and science of optimizing both on-site and offsite factors in order to:

1. Create an amazing user experience for your visitors; and

2. Effectively communicate to search engines (such as Google) what your pages are about, and the intent behind the information on those pages so that they can recommend them in their search engine for various search queries.

Why is SEO Services in Chicago Important?

When it comes to influencing purchase behavior of Chicagoans, nothing beats search. In fact, over 70% of ALL purchase decisions originate with a search query (this includes both online and offline buying decisions).

And if that wasn’t enough to tickle your fancy, ranking higher in organic search results can also help your with:

• Improved trust in your brand (i.e. Google trusts you can therefore you are trustworthy)
• Increased targeted traffic
• Improved brand visibility and awareness
• Sales and growth

How to Make Search Engines Happy, Happy, Happy!

You know what SEO is and why it’s important for your Chicago based business, but now what? Next up is making search engines like Google LOVE your site.

Here are a few quick tips to get your started:

1. Content

In the world of Local SEO, content is king. Individuals use search engines to find information. It’s the search engine’s job to match that user with the BEST information for their query. This means not only should your content be relevant to the search term you are targeting, it should also be engaging, useful, easy to read, and thorough.

Consider the following tips:

• Utilize relevant images
• Utilize a format and font that is easy to read and digest
• Incorporate video where appropriate
• Include links to relevant authoritative resources
• Utilize lists and bullet points
• Make sure your content is intent driven (i.e. does it answer the user’s reason behind their search query).

2. Performance

If you’re from Chicago you know that things move fast, and so should your website. Chicagoans and really anyone these days does NOT have the patience to wait for your website to load. In fact, research shows that if your site takes three (3) or more seconds to load you’ll have LOST around 40% of your visitors who were too impatient to wait.

Not only that, users that experience poor performance on your site:

• Are likely to tell a friend or leave a poor review online
• Are unlikely to ever re-visit your site again
• Will go to the next closest competitor

3. Backlinks

If content is king in the world of SEO Services in Chicago, then backlinks are its queen. Since the early ‘90s search engines have been using backlinks as a type of voting system to establish which website (or pages) are the most popular and useful to users.

But it’s not just about the number of backlinks/votes, it’s also about the quality and relevancy of those votes. For example, a backlink from a site or page that isn’t related to your niche might count as a “vote”, but won’t help your relevancy or authority rank in Google for your niche.

Conversely, poor quality links and too many of them can even result in a Google penalty or a decrease in rankings….and nobody wants that.

4. User Experience

While SEO Services in Chicago search engine optimization might seem to be all about Google, it’s important to remember that there needs to be a balance between pleasing the search engine gods and making your site user friendly.

The good news is that Google has done a good job recently of aligning their search engine algorithms to favor those sites that work hard to provide good onsite usability and experiences for their users.

Here are a few quick tips:


• Clean and simple interfaces and UIs
• Easy to navigate
• Limited or no pop ups or obtrusive ads
• Make it easy to find important information such as pricing, hours of operation, FAQs, support and more.

Closing Thoughts for SEO Services in Chicago

We hope you found this introductory guide to SEO Services in Chicago search engine optimization useful. If you’re looking to optimize your site for Chicago search traffic and aren’t sure where to start, or simply aren’t getting the results you expected, give us a call. Our agency specializes in helping Chicago businesses just like yours optimize their site and grow their business.

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